The Venue (The Story Behind Sto. Domingo Church)

When Mon transferred to Angelicum College, we knew our wedding should be in Sto. Domingo Church. This is not because of any wedding theme, but because we knew the Dominican community will be an important part of our lives. Without me seeing the church,he reserved our wedding date (one other story to be told). I recall his words after paying church dues: "Totoo na 'to be. We're actually getting married.", probably remembering the many times we had talked about marriage, wedding, and life together-- long before his proposal, long before we actually planned for it. 

Thus signals the start of our preparation and my first lesson on this journey. It came one Saturday as we are visiting Sto. Domingo. There was a wedding ceremony and it was also 4pm, about the same time as our own. Seeing the bride enter the church gave me mixed feelings of awe, excitement and fear. Some months down the road, it will be I in my own wedding dress standing on that same church entrance. Sto. Domingo church is really beautiful. 

Then the "bride turned wedding coordinator in me" took over and automatic mental notes paraded themselves. "The music used can be improved."; "The colors could have been more lively"; "The ceremony could have started with this" etc., etc. That must have been when I had offended heaven. At that same instant, Mon ushered me to the back row to pray. 

I was looking for errors where I can learn from--that my own wedding might be perfect. It couldn't have been wrong to learn from others and do better. But I felt remorse when I saw the bride and thought that should she see my thought bubbles, she will not like them at all. Then I imagined the pains and fears she must have gone through in the preparation, as all would-be brides must have experienced. 

It hit me: "Every wedding banquet is heaven's celebration, unique and beautiful in heaven's eyes." Perhaps, for each wedding celebration, there are always two sets of teams. As human hands here on earth work to make the ceremony organized, divine hands were equally busy assisting them. No wonder schedules fall into place, suppliers are found, and opportunities and resources present themselves. No wonder water was turned into wine in that ordinary Cana wedding centuries ago. More importantly, heaven's angels must be doubly busy preparing hearts: hearts of mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who will let go of groom and bride; hearts of family and friends who will selflessly extend help; hearts of persons who have been away from the church- and who will once again be blessed by the Mass through the wedding. They were interceding for the hearts of the groom and bride--that they may be prepared not only for the wedding ceremony that would be done in an hour, more so for the marriage that will last for a lifetime.

I said a little prayer to make up for my earlier thoughts, for the two persons being united in front, and in thanksgiving for this grace "to see". Truly, the simplest and humblest wedding here on earth must have been the purest and most exalted in God's eyes.

"Okay na tayo be. Anu't ano man, may simbahan na." I smiled. Then we stood up to leave.

Note to self:  "To each his own wedding, through heaven's eyes."

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